Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Salem's Lot

There are very few movie that frighten me, but only one that truly terrifies me still to this day. That movie is the 1979, Stephen King adaptation of Salem's Lot. Made exclusively for TV, this was a true feat in mini series events. The film was directed by Toby Hooper who directed films like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist.

This is not a specific Halloween movie, although its perfect for watching during a dark night in October. I was four years old when this movie was on TV, but I actually saw it when I was in second grade when I was around seven or eight. The movie is about a small New England town that comes to be overrun by vampires. The hero Ben Mears, a writer, returns to his home town just as the events begin to unfold and he sets out to save what's left of the small community.

 This movie looks dated now, but that adds to the vibe. The story line is very solid and so is the acting. The vampire make-up in this is still to me some of the best vamp make-up ever done. The eyes are horrific. They aren't pretty. They look hideous. They are the undead though so whatever look the coolest. No glamour at all. I can't believe my parents let me watch this! It literally gave me nightmares for a couple of years.

I'll admit that the nostalgia of this film helps hold me, but I still love the movie now just as then. And talk about getting willies! Just seeing a few scene gives me chills and I remember that seven year old kid laying on the living room floor watching this movie and being scared beyond the norm.

Tonight's movie is of course Salem's Lot

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  1. Cool movie when it came out.. especially if you liked David Soul from Starsky & Hutch. I was about 8 yrs old and it seemed almost so real; it gave me chills just thinking about it when I'd go to sleep. I haven't seen it since that time so I have to try and hunt it down for a trip down memory lane. Nice write up.. cool blog!