Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Pumpkin Patch

Every year my family likes to hit the Pumpkin Patch early in October to pick out our pumpkins and make some memories. I remember each year going to get pumpkins with my family when I was a kid and how much fun it was.When I was an adult and single it was still fun, but now married, with two young boys, its something more special. It more chaotic for sure, but to see the smiles on the faces of my oldest and youngest I'd take any amount of chaos. It's October/Fall bliss!

Of course the best part of picking pumpkins is not even at the Pumpkin Patch. No, the real fun is at home when you can carve them into Jack-O-Lanterns! Today after we got home from our visit to Underwood Farms, here in sunny and hot, California, my oldest wanted to carve his right away. It was actually the pumpkin I had picked for myself, but of course being a loving Dad, I let him take mine and have at it.

He carved a pretty terrifying looking face. I mean look at it. Would you want that coming at you down a dark alley? I think not!

Today was a good day. Any day with my family is a good day. It's even better in October...And with pumpkins. :)

I love pumpkins!

Tonight's movie is The Descent

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