Wednesday, October 15, 2014

East Coast Fall

You know what I miss most about living on the east coast? An east coast fall! The changing color of the leaves confirming color temps were coming and that Halloween was right around the corner. Growing up I would associate those glorious red, yellow and orange hues of the fall leaves with Halloween. They just go hand in hand. With the change in season comes a different smell to the air. There's a palatable difference. It created days for me where it would feel like Halloween was going to be that night. It's a little hard to explain that one, but basically it would get me excited for the 31st.

When I moved to LA that feeling faded. It's just a different vibe here during October.Trees do change color here, At least not like the where I grew up. The smell in the air is definitely not that of Halloween. Sadly I miss that each year. I love this city, but being a born and raised east coaster there are certain things that I miss and a east coast fall season is at the top of the list!

Tonight's movie is Elvira: Mistress of the Dark 

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