Monday, October 27, 2014

Disney Halloween

One of the great things about the Halloween season is when Disney;and changes the decor to reflect the celebration of Halloween.

I love seeing all the jack-o-lanterns sprinked around the park and the changes on some of the rides which includes a complete shift of the Haunted Mansion into a entirely themed Nightmare Before Christmas haunted attraction and Space Mountain becoming Ghost Galaxy!

A few years ago I started an annual tradition with my family to go on the last week in October. We went this past Saturday and had a blast despite an insane crowd. I only took one picture which was of me and my oldest son playing inside the caves of Tom Sawyer(Not Pirate) Island. It was a great day and this was certainly one of the highlights even if its wasn't specifically Halloween themed. They certainly could deck those caves out more for Halloween!

Tonight's movie is Hellraiser

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