Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween @lootcrate

Today I got my box from LootCrate. I signed up a couple of weeks ago when I saw they were doing a Halloween themed crate. I wasn't sure what to expect but I was happy once I got the box. It was like it was my birthday!

When I opened the box it had a cool Zombie Shack background themed around Dead Rising.

I started digging in and see this cool T-Shirt. Cat skull...funny!

A book that looks like it will be a fun read!

There were lots of other little gems, but I had only taken this photo of the loot. It also included; A Walking Dead comic with an exclusive cover for Loot Crate customers, Loot Crate magazine with a 3D cover to look at with a neat pair of 3D specs, a cute little zombie print of Merle and Daryl Dixon from the Walking Dead that says "Oh, Brother", some zombie bite tattoos, and a Dead Rising toy weapon that also is a pen, and a little button and sour candy bite.

For my first crate I was pleasantly surprised. My wife called it junk, but to me it's little treasures! It makes you feel like a kid. Everyone loves packages! She missed the point. But that's OK. I think she's just jealous. :) 

Tonight's movie is Day of the Dead

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