Thursday, October 9, 2014

Witches Night Out

In 1978 on October 27, 'The Witches Night Out' cartoon premiered on NBC and featured a witch who was voiced by Gilda Radner. The story was about a witch that befriends two kids and their baby sitter on Halloween night and turns them into the costumes they are wearing after they wish to be real monsters. The witch takes them to a Halloween party being thrown in her old abandoned house by the town's citizens. Seeing the kids, now as monsters, they form a mob and try to catch them.

I remember this Halloween special being on TV for several years. It was something my sister and I looked forward to each year. I even remember one year my mom painted the witch on the glass door of our apartment balcony. We loved this as a kids. It doesn't hold up great, but the nostalgia is there for me so I still like it. I think kids would dig this. I'll have to show my sons this one before October is over.

Tonight's movie is  Evil Dead 2

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