Sunday, October 12, 2014

Monster Masks

When I was a pre-teen, just up the street from my house was a  little shop called Lou Maci's Fun house. It was a magic and gag shop primarily, but they also had a wall of Halloween masks year round. I was too young to afford any of them at the time, but I loved to visit and look at that wall of horror. Vampires, witches, devils, and monster of every kind stared back at me with vacant eyes. I was already liking scary things at that point so I desired to have one of those masks. But alas I never got one.

Years later when I had a job and could afford to buy masks I stuck primarily to the 80's Horror icons like Freddy, Jason and Michael Myers. I loved dressing up at Halloween and wearing those cool, but hot rubber masks!

One year I dressed as Mr. T and had a pretty killer costume which included a latex mask. I won 1st place in a costume contest at my local grocery store but while parading around i was sweating something fierce. Masks aren't exactly known for being comfortable. 

I'm not a mask collector, but I do own several masks. Most of my collection comes from Trick or Treat Studios. They are one of the best makers of masks out there. Their work is high quality and they have great variety in masks. If I was a collector and had several hundreds of dollars to spend I'd recreate a wall of horror like I saw in that magic shop when I was a kid. It always made me feel happy to look at that wall.

Check out Trick or Treat Studios and you'll see what I'm talking about! 

Also here's a good link to a blog about masks that I like.

Tonight's movie is actually the season premire of The Walking Dead on AMC. 

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