Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Witch Queen of New Orleans

Each morning I drive my boys to daycare and no drive is ever the same. Some days we talk about silly things. Sometimes we make spooky sounds. And occasionally we point out trucks and other vehicles we see on the road. What is always constant though is music. Whether it's my 3 year old asking me to sing songs for him, or listening to CD's.

During the month of October I like to play Halloween music in the car. Last week, while listening to a great Halloween mix, "Witch Queen of New Orleans," by Tom Jones came on. When it was over and the next track started to play my son said, "I want that one again Daddy." I asked him which one and he said, "The witch one." So I played it again. And again...and again. For whatever reason my son loves this song. Today in the car ride which is about 30 minutes we listened to it about 12 times!

I am a Tom Jones fan. I own most of his catalog of music and have seen him in concert twice; once in Vegas. That was just awesome on so many levels! I even do a mean rendition of "Delilah" and "It's Not Unusual" when singing karaoke. I guess my boy likes the upbeat temp with a bit of spooky flair. It's a good song so I don't mind too much. Who am I to deny a love for Tom Jones?

So today's post is dedicated to Tom Jones' Witch Queen of New Orleans and my 3 year old son who loves it so.

Tonight's movie is Stake land

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