Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Parties

I love Halloween parties! I love throwing one most of all.

It's been 3 years since I threw my last Halloween party. Every year I'm asked if I'm having another, but having my kids makes it more challenging so I haven't had time or energy. However next year I think I will do another. It's been too long!


As you can see I tend to go all out. Full bar, catered food, costume contest, DJ, dancing, scares. It's all a very memorable night.

I hosted this party at the Redondo Castle which is owned by the lovely magician, Sisuephan Phila! She also preformed magic during the party.

On this last day of October as you embark on your Trick or Treating or to a costume party, let's toast those individuals that go the extra mile to make Halloween more than just putting on a costume and candy.

Happy Halloween everyone! Until next year...Bwhahahahaa

Tonight's movie is Halloween 1978

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Monster Sketches

I love monsters and I'm an artist, so it would make sense that I would draw monsters from time to time. Halloween is all about monsters so I wanted to share them with you. These are some early designs from a  personal project I am working on.

The ghost's expression makes me smile.

I see the creature being voiced by Tommy Chong.

Frankie here reminds me of some art I used to dig in the 70's

 I love Mr. Hyde.

Tonight's movie is The Re-Animator

Monday, October 27, 2014

Disney Halloween

One of the great things about the Halloween season is when Disney;and changes the decor to reflect the celebration of Halloween.

I love seeing all the jack-o-lanterns sprinked around the park and the changes on some of the rides which includes a complete shift of the Haunted Mansion into a entirely themed Nightmare Before Christmas haunted attraction and Space Mountain becoming Ghost Galaxy!

A few years ago I started an annual tradition with my family to go on the last week in October. We went this past Saturday and had a blast despite an insane crowd. I only took one picture which was of me and my oldest son playing inside the caves of Tom Sawyer(Not Pirate) Island. It was a great day and this was certainly one of the highlights even if its wasn't specifically Halloween themed. They certainly could deck those caves out more for Halloween!

Tonight's movie is Hellraiser

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween @lootcrate

Today I got my box from LootCrate. I signed up a couple of weeks ago when I saw they were doing a Halloween themed crate. I wasn't sure what to expect but I was happy once I got the box. It was like it was my birthday!

When I opened the box it had a cool Zombie Shack background themed around Dead Rising.

I started digging in and see this cool T-Shirt. Cat skull...funny!

A book that looks like it will be a fun read!

There were lots of other little gems, but I had only taken this photo of the loot. It also included; A Walking Dead comic with an exclusive cover for Loot Crate customers, Loot Crate magazine with a 3D cover to look at with a neat pair of 3D specs, a cute little zombie print of Merle and Daryl Dixon from the Walking Dead that says "Oh, Brother", some zombie bite tattoos, and a Dead Rising toy weapon that also is a pen, and a little button and sour candy bite.

For my first crate I was pleasantly surprised. My wife called it junk, but to me it's little treasures! It makes you feel like a kid. Everyone loves packages! She missed the point. But that's OK. I think she's just jealous. :) 

Tonight's movie is Day of the Dead

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Scary Pranks

There's nothing like a good prank. It's even better when its a intentional scary prank! I would love to see any of my family members in these situation, but especially my sister and my cousin. Enjoy!

Tonight's movie is Dawn of the Dead

Salem's Lot

There are very few movie that frighten me, but only one that truly terrifies me still to this day. That movie is the 1979, Stephen King adaptation of Salem's Lot. Made exclusively for TV, this was a true feat in mini series events. The film was directed by Toby Hooper who directed films like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist.

This is not a specific Halloween movie, although its perfect for watching during a dark night in October. I was four years old when this movie was on TV, but I actually saw it when I was in second grade when I was around seven or eight. The movie is about a small New England town that comes to be overrun by vampires. The hero Ben Mears, a writer, returns to his home town just as the events begin to unfold and he sets out to save what's left of the small community.

 This movie looks dated now, but that adds to the vibe. The story line is very solid and so is the acting. The vampire make-up in this is still to me some of the best vamp make-up ever done. The eyes are horrific. They aren't pretty. They look hideous. They are the undead though so whatever look the coolest. No glamour at all. I can't believe my parents let me watch this! It literally gave me nightmares for a couple of years.

I'll admit that the nostalgia of this film helps hold me, but I still love the movie now just as then. And talk about getting willies! Just seeing a few scene gives me chills and I remember that seven year old kid laying on the living room floor watching this movie and being scared beyond the norm.

Tonight's movie is of course Salem's Lot

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Making Halloween Treats

Tonight I start making Halloween treats for my boys' Halloween party on Saturday. I love baking in general, but I love Halloween baking and fun foods that have the Halloween theme. This year I plan on making a few dishes that are sure to be crowd pleasers! (Please note these images are from the interwebs. I haven't made the food yet but wanted to posts some pics of the dishes I will be making.)

Caramel Grapes

Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

Pumpkin Pie Dip

Rosemary Candy Bacon - Werewolf Tongues

Gaucamole - Pumpkin Barf

Zombie Meatloaf

White Chocolate covered pretzels - Spirit Sticks

And last but not least Mummy Dogs

Doesn't all that look fun and delicious? I can't wait to make and taste it all! I'll post pics of the party with my final results Saturday if possible. The menu might change as I never know until I get deep in the menu making process, but I always make sure its yummy!

Tonight's movie is Night of the Living Dead

31 Days of Halloween: Yesterday

I wanted to post yesterday, but I was in Santa Barbara all day and night. I saw Ray La Montagne with my wife. Awesome show! Unfortunately I left my phone at home so blogging wasn't an option. 

If I had had it I would have posted about the surprising Halloween store called World of Halloween on Main. It's the kind of Halloween store you want. There are tight isles filled to the ceiling with merchandise. They have every costume you could think of and the most extensive collection of accessories and props. I bought an axe for my costume this year. I didn't have my phone so I don't have pics. 

Who knew Santa Barbara would hold such a gem at Halloween!

Well that's it for yesterday's post! 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Grim Reaper Sings Karaoke

A couple of years ago I put together this pretty damn good costume of the Grim Reaper and decided to pop by work to sing one song at a karaoke get together. Enjoy!

Tonight's movie is Cabin in the Woods

Thursday, October 16, 2014

13 Baby Belly Paintings

When my wife was pregnant with our first child, Halloween fell around her 7th month. I had grand ideas of how my child would love Halloween as much as I do. (He does BTW) and wanted to paint her baby belly to commemorate the pregnancy. Also it would be something fun that we would always remember.

I decided I would paint something new on her baby bump the last 13 days of October leading up to the final painting which would be the Haunted Mansion as depicted on one of my favorite Halloween albums of all time, 'Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of The Haunted House - Disneyland.'

 I bought two sets of face paint from Michael's and using some of my own art brushes painted 13 images over 13 nights. 

It was a wonderful bonding experience for my wife and I. I loved the intimacy of it and I was getting to paint which I enjoyed.

 Some nights were rushed more than others, but I was pretty happy with the results. 

 At the start I was getting used to painting on skin and adjusting to the medium. I learned though that you could get some great results with simple face paint. 

That's my wife's hands which I painted to match the theme.
So my paintings started to show more details.

And I began to play with more color on some.

Mark Harvey's logo for 13th

Again all this practice was leading up to the final image.

This one got a little rushed.

Taste No Garlic. See No Crosses. Feel No Stakes.

Some nights I had very little time! This one is funny but the weakest of the set.

On the second to last painting I wanted to paint my son inside the womb and have a pumpkin in there with him to symbolize that Halloween for me and my family is in our DNA and the love for it passes down to my children genetically.

On Night 13 the moment came to paint the final masterpiece. This was a 2hr effort. My wife, bless her heart was patient, but there were times I know she was uncomfortable during this one!

This was my favorite, obviously! My wife usually would wash her belly after I took pictures of the artwork, but on this one she left in on for an hour or so. It's nice to have these and look back at a wonderful time for us. 

Tonight's movie is Never Sleep Again- The Elm Street Legacy