Thursday, October 2, 2014

Black and orange – The crack of Halloweenies

What is it about the colors black and orange that makes us Halloweenies slam on brakes, stop dead in our tracks or interrupt a conversation when we see these colors together? The colors are so embedded in Halloween tradition that I guess people like me, who live and breathe it year round, find that instantly it brings to mind the joy and mischief of the holiday so one simply must stop to see if it actually is related related to Halloween.

Stare at this until you go blind.

Orange and Black have been a part of the Halloween celebration since the origins of the holiday, when it was a pagan celebration. The orange color represents the color of the crops and turning leaves of the fall season. Black symbolizes the end or “death” of summer and the change of season. It’s easy to see why these two colors became so popular with Halloween decor which started gaining popularity in the 1920’s.

Orange and black are two colors that work well together because of the combination of a classic neutral with a bold hue. Even outside of the Halloween-themed association, pairing these two colors together can makes a striking statement which can pack a punch in fashion, logo and interior design and well.

I think I might design my home office with this color palette.

Tonight's movie is: The Frighteners

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