Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Zombie Manor

This week I am planning on going to Knott's Scary Farm here in southern California. It's an annual tradition for me. And it's always a scary good time! So that got me thinking on what I could post about today and I decided I wanted to talk about my friend's amazing haunted attraction in Arlington, Texas.

The man, the myth, the legend, Dean Jarnig!

Dean Jarnig is a charismatic, caring and dedicated man. And he also is one of my dearest friends. He was a home haunter who had a dream to someday run his own professional haunted attraction and through years he build up to a point her could make that jump and create, Zombie Manor! 

When he was first starting out he asked me to design the logo and work on the promotional poster for the first couple of years. I had wished I could be there to help construct the haunt itself, but it was nice to be able to support him by making art. The first year he had an impressive show. For a first time pro haunter I couldn't believe how slick the show was. Of course like any new show there are improvements to be made.

What we have ere, is a failure to communicate.

She's kinda hot.
He's had a few years now to refine and tweak and I have to say, it is incredible! In fact it's hands down one of the best haunts in the country. That's my opinion of course, but being someone who expects my haunted attractions to have high production value, I can tell you Zombie Manor delivers! The production value alone is worth a visit. The details in the rooms are off Hollywood movie sets. And a lot of praise goes to the crew Dean has assembled. They are the blood of the haunt. A well oiled machine that excels at their craft. The last time I was in Arlington, I was able to do a solo walk through and I have to say despite knowing tricks of trade, the floor plan and where the scares would be coming from I still was scared. The actors are intense! Zombie Manor is intense, but it's good Halloween fun.

Darling, you've never looked better!
Dean works like a maniac year round. Going to visit him is always fun, but he's non stop work with balanced play. All of that work shows in his product and his crew. They love him. I love him. I can't finish this post without making mention of Dean's wife, Janine. She is a tour de force! She's does so much work to help the crew. Everything from running make-up, to making sure they are all fed(A full monster belly is equals a happy monster). She's awesome! I only wished I lived closer!

If you are ever in Arlington during the Halloween season you owe it to yourself to visit Zombie Manor. Hell, make a weekend of it! You won't be disappointed. I promise!

7501 US Highway 287
Arlington, TX 76001

Tonight's movie is The ABC's of Death

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