Monday, August 22, 2011

Halloween approaches!

First post!

So usually around this time of year I'm already well into planning my Halloween decor. I'm a nut for Halloween. No, and orange? Crack. Skulls? Crack. Pumpkins? Overdose! This year I'm hosting a huge Halloween party so this past weekend I was making some mini corpses. The process is relatively easy, but messy. I bought a 3ft skeleton from Michael's Crafts and using liquid latex, cotton batting, cheese cloth and a little bit of paper towel, turned the skeleton on the left, into the corpse on the right. Pretty gnarly, huh?  My son who is six and a half months old seemed to love him so I guess I did it right.  He still needs a paint job.

Now normally my crafting is less dead like and more colorful. But since I'm starting this blog at a time I'm usually crafting monsters, that's all I have going on craft wise. I'll be making another corpse this coming weekend and will post pics of if in progress with more detail on the "how to." maybe I'll try to post some past crafts this week as well. That's all for now!

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