Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Crafts of the Past: Part 1

I thought I'd share some of the crafts I've made in the past. My west coast sister Eva, is my partner in crime on a lot of the crafting I do. When we were working together a few years ago, she started a Craft Club which gathered on Thursdays during lunch. Now the two of us continue the tradition on Sundays when we can.

The Playhouse
This was one of the most fun and durable crafts I've ever made. Last year I threw a birthday party for my wife and most all of our friends have kids. Our son wasn't born at that time so we didn't have any toys for the kids to play with. So I decided to make a playhouse using cardboard boxes I bought from Staples, some glue and duck tape and a good coating of poster paint to make it look cute. 

As you can see it turned out great!

And when it's cold outside the kids can warm themselves by the fire.

Who's this outside my window?

Seneca approves of this house!

Even mommies like to come over and visit!

Despite the many children who have played under its roof, over a year later and this house still stands. It could however use a new coat of paint. ;)

Butterflies and Easter Trees
Using a butterfly paper punch from Michael's Crafts, colorful paper and fishing line we made these cute little mobiles. I gave mine to our friend's daughter and it now hangs in her bedroom.

I wanted to create an Easter craft so I came up with the idea to make a tree of eggs. I used plant wire for the base/trunk and then cut out various sized eggs on colorful card stock and taped them to the branches. I think it turned out pretty well, don't you? 

Googly Faces
I got this idea from istock.com. I saw a picture that had people with big bugged eyes. We used Crayola Model Magic and crafted these goofy looking facial features.

"Ooooh I see."

"What big eyes you have!"

I look smashing!

The Royal Crowns
Last up for today is a simple craft project that was great for younger kids. We took colored foam sheets and cut them out into crown shapes. We used string to tie them and then just added a bunch of flair and decorations to make them look fancy.

The Royal Crafters 

My nephew makes great crowns!

Tomorrow I'll post some of our Halloween crafts!

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