Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Crafts of the Past: Part 2

Halloween; hands down my favorite holiday! So three's no surprise I craft a lot during this time. Continuing the thread from yesterday. Here are some more crafts I've created in the past sometimes with my friend, Eva.

Dia de los Muertos masks
Probably one of my favorite crafts I've done. We took a cheap costume mask and painted it white, then added floral decoration and designs in the style of Dia de los Muertos. These were made for a party a friend of mine was hosting.


Hauntingly beautiful.

Ready to party with the dead!

Kid's Halloween Party
Last Halloween I threw a party for all the small children in our group of friends. We made a bunch of decorations that were fun and kid friendly. Everything we made was pretty much paper. including these Halloween Hang-ups. I got the idea from Martha Stewart, but we made them our own and hung them from the ceiling. 

So many fun looking characters!

If I had Candy Corn teeth I'd eat them and be toothless!

Who needs expensive decorations when you can do so much with paper!

Hello kitty.

Who needs expensive decorations when you can do so much with paper!

My wife Maegan and I are having a lot of fun with these
standees made from foam core.
Zombies are hungry! This was a game I created for the kids.
I bought pink rubber brains and had the kids toss them into the zombie's mouth. They loved it!

Hope you enjoyed taking a look at some of my crafts of the past. I look forward to sharing future crafting projects big and small.

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